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This Space is dedicated to  LINDA PENZEL, a very strong and hospitable woman. S.Angelo owes a lot to her and to his intuition and his audacity.


It has laid the foundations for the development of tourism in this village.


Very comfortable for 2 people and full of every comfort : 


-private  terrace with outdoor shower 

-panoramic terrace with sea view that reach the island of Capri

-air conditioning and heaiting 


-bathroom with "jacuzzi" and shower




- color TV with flat screen 

-towels and bathrobes for the beach  











Villa Margherita           

Maison de Charme   

Via S.Angelo 41

80070 Sant’Angelo d' Ischia (Napoli - Italia)

Phone/WhatsApp +39 335 7255878  Phone/WhatsApp +39 335 8146943
P.IVA : IT 04928811217

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